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Welcome to 'Paws 4 thought Dog Training' - Shrewsbury

I hope to give you some insight into the world of pet dog training, and to provide dog training in the shrewsbury area if you would like to contact me

It is never too early to train a puppy to become a well behaved and well mannered dog.

Firstly it is very important for you to remember that you are the 'pack leader' and not your dog. That means you 'tell' your dog what to do, you don't ask, - it is not a human being. This may sound a bit harsh, but he will not understand long conversations and please and thank you. When your dog knows you control his meals and play and walks, he will feel happy and content, because he will have to rely on you as 'pack leader' for his needs.

Training is made easier with rewards such as food, play with a favourite toy, a game of chase, touch, or just a happy voice of praise. Your dog will always be ready to please you with such rewards.

A dog is never too old to train. Some dogs are quicker to learn than others, many a handler has given up thinking their dog is un-trainable. Therefore patience and understanding are very important. Your dog will be much happier to have been given things to do and commands to follow.

It is a good feeling when you see the results of your training and that you know you have a well behaved and obedient dog. A dog that you can take out with you anywhere. Then there is also the 'bond' that you build with your dog. The bond is very strong, and it will be with you, 'the handler' for life, the one who has persevered with training your dog. Don't forget the importance that the rest of the family must practice the same code of training as the main handler.

So remember the above points. If you consider it is right for you to have a dog, then enjoy your dog and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information or help at any time. And better still if you would like to attend my dog training classes in shrewsbury and join other handlers who want to train their dogs. (Or alternatively, on a one-to-one basis dog training plan in the Shrewsbury and Shropshire area).

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